Frequently Asked Questions

The most common areas people get stuck in regard to Health & Wellness. ( FAQ)
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FAQ 1 I want to lose weight and keep it off!

A complex area and difficult to answer generically. We are all different and have bio-individuality. What might be great for one may not be great for another.
A standard guide is to reduce all processed foods, anything in packets, jars, ready meals etc. Likewise reduce sugary drinks & snacks. (Check out my article about Junk Food).
Crowd in whole, fresh foods, plenty of fruit and veg, increase water intake. The more nourishing, fresh foods you eat the less likely you are to want to go back to your old eating habits.
This in turn means your body will start to change shape and remain that way. Of course its difficult to stick to a 100% healthy way of life. The odd cake now and then is good for you, it stops you feeling deprived and as long as you can keep it in moderation you will get the body you want in no time. Its also a good idea to introduce some movement into your daily routine, walking, running, exercise class, anything that keeps you active.


FAQ 2 I want to get fit…but I don’t like exercise!

I’m not sure many of us truly like exercise! But most of us know we really should be moving in some way if we want to keep fit and healthy.
The trick is to find something you really enjoy doing, that way you are going to stick to it for longer. Its also worth working out how good you are at forming habits. If you always seem to do things for others but not yourself, you may need to hook up with a training buddy so you won’t let them or yourself down. (Check out Gretchen Ruben’s Habit Quiz here).
If you want to train alone, then going for a run, or doing some home exercise DVD’s might be best for you. Maybe a Personal Trainer will kick your butt more than going to the gym alone? It doesn’t always have to be hard hitting exercise, give Yoga or Pilates a try. Whatever you choose make sure it feels like fun and not a chore!


FAQ 3 I always feel so tired, how can I get more energy?

This isn’t always about lack of sleep. If you go to bed at a reasonable time and manage 7-8 hours but still wake feeling tired there may be more going on in your body. You may be restless in the night – there are some great sleep apps available ( I use my Fit-bit).
Or you may be lacking in essential vitamins like Iron or B12 – its best to speak to your GP and get some blood tests. You might not be eating enough food to give you sustained energy through the night. Try adding in some whole-grains to your evening meal, they take longer to digest and will keep you going overnight.
Try keeping a diary of when you go to bed, how long it takes to fall asleep. If you wake in the night and how you feel when you wake. You’ll be able to find answers and make some adjustments or speak to your GP if you are really concerned. Don’t forget to reduce your screen time – switch off at least 30 mins before bed! (Check out my article on Screen time here.)


FAQ 4 I’m too busy to cook fresh meals!

It’s easier than you think to eat great fresh meals most of the time. The key is in preparation. Living a healthy life full of nutritious food isn’t going to be as convenient as eating ready meals or take away but you will feel better for it.
Make sure you make time to prepare meals for the week. Spend a Sunday cooking up a storm in the kitchen and filling the fridge and freezer full of home cooked goodness.
You can also prepare lunches and breakfasts in the same way. The more you practice this the easier it will be, and the more time you will have for yourself. (Check out my article on Cooking here).


FAQ 5 I never seem to have any time left for myself!

I hear this almost every time I speak to a client or have a consultation. Juggling life, home, work, family, friends, fun, food, exercise, sleep, study…. and the list goes on, can be really tricky. But you can find time for yourself.
Try setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal, get up and do one thing you feel you are missing, maybe read a few pages of a book, perhaps have a relaxing bath, maybe its a chance to do some meditation, or yoga! Another way to fit in time is to put it in your diary.
I know it might seem a bit crazy, 8pm – read a book or 6pm sit down with a cup of tea. But its a great way to block out time that no one else can encroach on. So if your diary is full of good stuff just for you, say no to any events that might overlap!


FAQ 6 How can I stop snacking on the wrong things?

This is a tough one, snacks can be seen as a treat sometimes and its always good to reward ourselves after a tough day. Snacking on sugary things though can lead to over eating, due to the effect sugar has on our body while our heads might tell us to have just one biscuit, once its been eaten our body tells us to finish the packet!
Sometimes its best to avoid snacking on the foods that can sabotage us and concentrate on packing in more nutritious things. Good go to snacks are nuts and seeds, yes they might feel a bit boring, but they will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Also blending up a great veggie smoothie can be a treat, especially if you have added some lovely strawberries!
Hummus and veg sticks is also a great alternative. Rule of thumb, avoid sugary things. Sip water first then wait 20 mins, if you still want a snack then pick something that will add to your body not take it away. (Check out my article on Gut Health Here)

I hope you found some useful answers in the FAQ’s, make sure you pop in a comment below about what you find tricky about maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.

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