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Why am I so tired all the time?

Are you one of the many people who just don't feel as though they have enough energy...ever?

One of the things ALL of my clients bring up is how they just never seem to have any energy. I totally get it, before I started health coaching I felt tired every single day.

There is so much advice out there that suggests a minimum number of hours that we should sleep, but I think we are all very different and the amount of sleep for each of us will vary. Personally I feel good having 7 hours but often will strive for at least 8. That said I have recently read that our pattern of thinking may also have an effect. If we go to bed thinking ''I will be tired if I don't get 8 hours of sleep'' then often we wake up thinking ''I didn't get 8 hours I'm going to be so tired'' thus setting up our day with a negative pattern.

Maybe changing up the thoughts to a more positive one like ''Thank you for giving me these 7 hours of sleep, its exactly what I needed to feel rested'' will set us up more positively.(taken from The Miracle Morning - The 6 Habits that will transform your life by Hal Elrod)

Getting the right length of sleep isn't the only requirement though. We also need really good quality sleep... I know... easier said than done sometimes. Car and house alarms go off and we can't do much about it. But aside from these external factors there are lots more things you can do to boost your energy and feel refreshed and vibrant each day and all day.

  1. Stay Hydrated: Make sure you are getting plenty of fluid in the day - water or herbal tea is a great way to do this. Aim to drink as much as you can in the morning to mid afternoon, then drink the least amount up to about an hour before bedtime. That way you will benefit from good hydration but won't need to get up in the night for a bathroom trip.
  2. Eat good food every day: Start with a good breakfast, eating first thing will kick start your metabolism. Make sure you are eating every 2 - 3 hours so 3 good meals a day plus healthy snacks in between. Staying full on the right kind of food like fibre, protein, good carbs and good fats will ensure your body functions at optimal level and will stabalise your blood sugar. Aviod foods high in refined sugar, refined carbs and trans fats.
  3. Turn it OFF: Make sure you detox from screen time at least an hour before sleep. Turn off the TV and social media. Read a book instead or have a long hot soak in the bath
  4. Lower your caffeine intake: Try and avoid drinks high in caffeine after mid day. The caffeine acts as a stimulant, so drinking a good coffee just before bed won't help you drift off peacefully and is likely to have you tiptoeing for the loo mid sleep
  5. Hide the alarm clock: If you are struggling to sleep or wake mid sleep then watching the clock won't be helping, It keeps the brain active and ergo you struggle to drift off. Turn the clock to face the other way once you have set your alarm or put it out of sight.
  6. Put the pets bed elsewhere: Its lovely to share your sleeping space with loved pets but they can make all manner of sounds that are likely to wake or disturb your sleep - try putting their sleeping space elsewhere or even give them their own bed in the same room instead of letting them sleep on the bed with you.
  7. Turn it DOWN: As we sleep our bodies drop in temperature. Sleeping in a cooler room ensures the enviroment can be in sync with your bodies' internal temperature giving a better quality of sleep.
  8. One for the road? It's best not to, alcohol can cause you to feel sleepy but once the alcohol wears off the body can wake up causing a more diturbed sleep pattern. Aim to have your last drink about 2 hours before you turn in.
  9. The 15 minute rule: If you still trying to fall asleep after 15 minutes, get up and do some gentle activity like meditation, reading a book, knitting, colouring. Not watching TV or scrolling social media! Once you feel tired again, get back in bed!
  10. Journal those anxieties: Often if there is stress or worry in your life it will present itself as you are trying to sleep - keeping you awake with worry on playback. Try writing down your worries in a journal during the day, then as you lay down think of an action plan to put into practice the following day. Knowing you have a to do list to work on instead of constant worry will help you drift off more easliy.

Trying to live with more energy isn't just about sleeping for the right length of time. There are often all sorts of factors that are causing fatigue in our bodies. These are just some simple suggestions to help you make a start, but if you feel you need a more in depth chat about how to eat for energy and find a good balance in your life then get in touch and we can set up a call and have a chat.

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