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What do you do all day?

When I had a ''real job'' working in a soul-sucking corporate world, no one within my family or friends ever really asked me what I did all day. They took it for granted that I went out to work and kept busy in my job. Its what people do isn't it..? in a real job.

But you see, I don't seem to have a ''real job'' anymore... well not one that is seen, certainly, by an older generation as worthwhile. Really? Yes... so lets put it out there what I do all day!

Let me tell you what happened...get comfy and read on.

A few years ago I decided to change my life... for the better. It was tough, it meant I had to make some really hard decisions and I felt quite broken by some of it but it was the right thing to do. Along with my personal changes came a real desire to get out of a corporate job that had stopped fulfilling me a while back. Working for a big organisation just didn't fit with my moral compass.

So the opportunity came and I took it, I jumped head first into many life-changing things all at once and boy it was hard... but again the right thing for me to do.

The most significant of these changes was for me to set up my own Health Coaching practice. I had the qualification, I had the passion, and now I had the time and space to get stuck in!

That was then... this is now... and I am having lots of success and I love it, truly I do. It's totally right for me, It is exactly the place I want to be.

So what is the problem? Well, its this issue of being asked ''What do you do all day then?'' As if working from home is a luxury that means I get to watch TV and maybe write a blog now and then. (and no not everyone thinks this... but many do!) Its almost as if people aren't sure what a Health Coach does, or even what the point of it is.

I figured if 50% of the people I come into contact with don't know then blimey - how many people I don't meet don't know what we are all about?

Lets put it out there, for all the Health Coaches across the world, because what we offer is in great demand from today's modern society but you don't even know it.

I work with people from all walks of life, of all ages, mainly ladies by helping them reach their own personal nutritional, wellness and holistic goals so that they can live a balanced, healthy, energy filled life full of sparkle.

Many of my clients come to me because they are so confused by the ever-changing diet advice. They try a diet, it works, they stop, they feel disappointed, again and again. Some clients come to me with great nutritional health but they can't seem to feel good about themselves. Some clients know they are struggling with weight and are worried about health risks like pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Many of the goals they want to reach, they could do on their own, they could try and exercise more, they could try and eat less sugary food, they could try and snap out of it and be grateful. And they do try, but they stop. They are busy, they are working, they are tired. The most common phrase I hear is ''I just don't have time''. And it's true, to a point

Today's modern society seems to have evolved into a fast-paced world of continually doing something, on the go, mustn't stop, lots to do. And with that, the food industry has made life easier by providing fast food, cheaply and readily available 24/7,

The danger with constantly going, eating convenient food is that our bodies can't handle it. It's not how we were made and whilst the world around us evolves and changes our bodies aren't.

We are pretty much the same design now as we were 100's of years ago. We haven't altered to accept increased levels of sugar and salt, processed fat and modified food. Our bodies cannot handle it which manifests in Heart Disease, Obesity, Depression, Diabetes and many more chronic problems.

In a perfect world, everything would change in synchronicity, Dr's would be updated and have the time and knowledge to spend with their patients and give the best and right advice for each of them as unique individuals. But we don't live in that perfect world and Dr's are struggling to try and get their patients well again with limited resource, time and knowledge. It is getting better, there are lots of public figures championing better health and the messages are getting through slowly.

But its sometimes not enough and that's where we Health Coach's can step in.

A Health Coach can bridge the gap between the Dr and the patient, between the reality and the perceived right way to live.

We can help each person in a uniquely tailored and individual way to reach those goals. To lose weight, get more sleep, reduce their blood sugar. We are trained to listen, to question and to hold people accountable so they are successful.

So what do I do all day? I reach out to people who might be looking for an answer but aren't sure where to find it, I work with groups to share experience and knowledge on what works for each of them. I write blogs, that reach people who read them nodding their head in agreement and maybe feel inspired to make a change no matter how small. I plan food menus for people, I write emails, I think up recipes. I research my field, I connect with other coaches and brainstorm how we can get our message out into the world. I read books, to develop my skills... and so much more mundane stuff in the background that comes with running a successful business.

There you have it, Health Coaches are important, we aren't a fad, we embrace change, we move with it, we study it and we accept it. We champion each other, support Dr's and help other professionals live their best lives. Together we can heal our world from burn out, poor nutritional choices and lack of self-care.

It goes without saying, I'd love to hear your thoughts...and please share my story with anyone you think might find it interesting.


If you feel inspired to reach out then hop over here and book a free consultation with me.

Love and Light

Nicky x

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