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Why cooking great healthy food isn't as complicated as you think

Does cooking a meal from scratch make you reach for the take away menu?

What is is about cooking fabulous meals that sends you into a panic? The amount of preparation? The complicated recipes? Or is it just because you think you can't do it?

Hands up who has a multitude of recipe books on the shelf that have never been used?

Yes I am as guilty as the rest of you, but I do really love to cook, I just don't always get an opportunity to cook some of the stunning recipes from those lovey glossy books. Its not always practical and sometimes it does mean having to source some quite obscure ingredients

So how can we make life more simple and learn to love cooking fresh, amazing meals from scratch?

For me the best thing to keep me on track with healthy cooking is to have a really awesome basic store cupboard (there are some great ideas on the web - I found this one from Jamie Oliver take a peek here). Having the core ingredients reduces the amount of searching in the shops plus you can pick any recipe and almost always have the ingredients at hand.

If you are worried about preparation and whether you have enough time, most recipes these days tell you how long it takes to prepare and cook a meal, use this as a guide and be reassured the more you start cooking from scratch the quicker you will become...

So you think you can't cook? Don't be so tough on yourself, you don't have to be like a celebrity chef. Just follow the instructions and have fun with it ! Bang on some loud music, pour yourself a cup of tea (or wine) and enjoy the process.

Start with something simple! If you are nervous near the cooker don't plan a 6 course dinner party for 10 guests. Try a simple family meal like a casserole, a stew, or something that can be thrown into one pot! I promise, you will be amazed at how great the food tastes and how simple and satisfying it is to create something from a list of ingredients!

Only cooking for one? Don't waste time trying to reduce the ingredients, make the recipe then freeze the extra - awesome food in the freezer that saves you time and effort another week!

Already pretty good at cooking? Why not try something new, what have you always wanted to cook but never felt brave enough? For me its Risotto... I just never got round to giving it a whirl but I will be putting it on my list of things to do this month!

Tell me your experience with cooking - love it or hate it?

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