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When I mention the words Health Coach, people often assume an image of a slender, glowing and happy person... and yes there are lots of coaches who fit this image and that's brilliant.

Sometimes I am that image, but often I am not. Don't get me wrong though, I am very happy, I have a lovely life that fits with my family and my goals for my future and I am doing work that I love.

But I'm not always full of the joys of spring... because life happens. I get overwhelmed with my To Do list, I have projects I want to start and some I want to finish but somehow haven't managed them because other stuff gets in the way.

At the moment I am having some investigations done on my digestive system. Its not at its optimal health and has been troubling me for some time.

The thing is, I know as a coach that what I eat affects me in many ways. Too much sugar, can cause weight gain, tiredness and skin problems. I also know that eating a rainbow of vegetables every day will really help my gut flora and my health.

Yet sometimes knowing all this doesn't mean I stick to it. I have days where I eat cake, and I have days where I eat a huge amount of veggies too...

The truth is we all have days that we might feel a bit meh. Days where we just want to pull the duvet over our heads and sleep a little bit longer. And its OK... really it is. We aren't robots that can just keep on going, sticking to all those goals, eating the best diet every day.

I have had to make a few changes to my thought process recently, just while I get to grips with what is causing me to feel a little under the weather. It just means I have reassessed what I can achieve each day, and if I have to take a break then I will.

But I have also needed some motivation. from family and friends and of course my Coach... who I check in with often, to give me a boost, and guidance and most of all some reality checks... without that then I could fall into the trap of poor habits, and I know in the long run that just won't serve me well.

I figured if I am feeling like I need a kick up the ass then I am pretty sure others are too. We all need some help, some guidance and some motivation to feel the best we can, to live the life we really want to live. And to have the energy and inclination to really look after ourselves.

With this in mind I have just released a new 1 Month Nutritional Program designed to give a quick motivational boost to get you feeling brilliant once more.

This awesome program is just perfect for those of you who are looking to:

  • Start right where you are at now.
  • Eat a more healthy diet.
  • Reduce those sugar cravings.
  • Ditch the junk food.
  • Find out what exercise suits you.
  • Work on creating good lasting habits.
  • Work on staying motivated.

Over 4 weeks you will

  • Get a weekly 30 minute coaching session with me.
  • Receive a weekly motivational Email.
  • Join a private FB support group
  • Receive a unique weekly food plan tailored to suit you.

You will start to:

  • Feel more focused.
  • Feel more positive.
  • Have a clear path to achieve your nutritional goals.
PLUS two 15 minute maintenance sessions after the program ends.

***All this for £90*** 
Be sure to book in now and grab a space just perfect for you...
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