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It's time to tackle my sugar blues...

Summer is coming to an end and with it my habit of dipping into the biscuit barrel!

It seems like this year the school holidays became an excuse for me to eat too many cakes and biscuits and do hardly any exercise. Which has left me feeling rather bleurgh!

As a Health Coach I often feel immense pressure to be whiter than white when it comes to eating habits, but you know I am just like you. I fall foul of the sweet tooth syndrome and what the hell, I just really like cake!

That said, as a Health Coach I also know when my body is saying STOP and gives off those warning signs that I need to cut back and replace the refined sugar with all the healthy good stuff I actually do love.

By the end of this summer I have felt overly tired, grumpy and bloated. I haven't felt super charged with energy or like I have had any motivation at all.

Its caused by overloading our bodies with way too much refined sugar, sending our blood sugar levels through the roof only to drop back down with a resounding crash. The result is a tired out mind and body that is reluctant to do anything... except find more sugar !

It can be a bad habit to break, but the key is knowing what is going on and why. I know my increase in sugar has been down to personal family stress coupled with trying to run my business and juggle the family needs. Its been a bloomin tough one !

Today though I am feeling so much better. The kids are back at school... I am so much more organised now and totally motivated. Plans I have are all coming together and that has left me feeling more in control of my daily food choices. I have been eating balanced and organic foods and the craving for sugar has gone back to the normal level for me. (We all have an acceptable level, the key is to know that and stay friends with it!)

This summer I have learnt many lessons, the main one is to stay focused and organised so I don't just reach for the nearest thing to eat.

If any of this is making you yell at the screen with a ''that is so like me!" then just follow this link and get booked on to my 6 week workshop for sugar reduction ... its super simple, super friendly and lots of fun.. and I only have a couple of spaces left for November... GO ON what are you waiting for !

If you love Journals, and need to be more organised I found the amazing Daily Greatness planners this summer which have totally helped me get back on track with my daily routine and business... and because I ordered a couple I can give you guys a 5% discount... just go here to get started.

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