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How to Stay Healthy During Summer

Everyone looks forward to the summer. The sun is shining, holidays are booked, and long light evenings can be enjoyed having a drink with friends. We tend to think of summer as a healthier time when we’re all eating more salads and doing lots of outdoor activities, however, this isn’t always the case.
Even if we feel healthy it’s easy to eat one too many ice-creams or drink too much in the beer garden. To prevent summer being an unhealthy time for you, here are some seasonal-based tips for the two main things when it comes to health: food and exercise!
Keeping an eye on what you eat: Summer food tips 

With skimpy clothes and bikini time at the beach, most of us become more aware of our bodies during the summer months. While there are lots of healthy options like fresh, seasonal veg and barbequed fish, hot weather can also mean overindulging: burgers on the grill, ice-cream for dessert… It’s important to take a balanced approach by not losing too much weight on a pre-holiday diet, but also not putting too much on without realising it!
The trick to taking this balanced approach is to learn about what is a healthy BMI and, most importantly, discover yours. For lots of helpful information on this click here!

Essentially, BMI is a measure of your weight that takes height into account, so it gives a more nuanced indication of whether you’re at a healthy level. By working yours out you’ll be able to see whether you’re over or under your ideal weight and then adjust your diet accordingly.

For example, if you need to lose weight over the summer months make sure to bring vegetables to a BBQ, opt for lunch-time salads by the beach and try gorgeous summer berries when you need a sweet fix.

Exercising in hot weather: How to stay fit during the summer

So, now that you know what is a healthy BMI and how to stay within the healthy range by eating well, perhaps you want to do some exercise too!

Lots of people find that staying active is a great way to help control their weight as well as contributing to long-term physical and mental well-being. It’s easy to neglect exercise during the summer when you’re busy enjoying the sunshine with friends but, actually, it’s one of the best seasons for exercise due to the long, light-filled days and outdoor-friendly weather. 

If you’re a runner, for example, why not take advantage of the light and go out early morning or just before bed? Enjoy running outside at a time of day that would be impossible during the colder months.

Or, if you’re more of a swimmer, see whether you have a local lido and try exercising in an outdoor pool during the hotter weather. A change of scene is often a great way to reinvigorate your exercise regime!

Summer really is a great time for staying healthy. There are lots of fun distractions from a good diet and getting exercise, but the trick is to find ways of enjoying the summertime that is healthy too.
So go for a late-evening run, feast on delicious seasonal fruit and veg, and get the most out of the hot weather that you can!
(Remember to stay safe in the sun too, always wear sunscreen and avoid the midday sun if you can, or stay in the shade!)


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