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Diet Myths BUSTED!

To Diet or Not to Diet seems to be the question a lot of people are asking these days.
There has been a lot of media interest in which diet is best, how dieting works - or doesn't and whether Joe Wicks is just a diet lovers eye candy (maybe not the last bit but its a valid question right?)

But seriously though as someone who doesn't diet I wanted to have a dig around and see what has got people buzzing and why the word DIET has become a little dirty!

It seems the main reason people go on a 'diet' is to lose weight. A lot of the time the reason behind wanting to lose weight is wanting to look good in certain clothes, maybe aspiring to look like the airbrushed models all over the magazines and media. And to many this is about self confidence and wanting to feel good. Nothing wrong with that at all.

But there is a more serious side for the need to diet.

Too many of the worlds population are considered obese - seriously overweight and this can lead to a lot of disease such as heart conditions, type 2 diabetes and increased blood pressure which could cause a stroke.

So, if there is a real need to 'go on a diet' then is there a right one to follow, is there a better way to describe it and which one works .... if any?

When I was studying to be a Health Coach I got to know over 100 different dietary theories and there are some wacky ones like ' French Women don't get Fat' to the Chickentarian Diet ( honestly these are real diets out there!)

But knowing there are so many diets means its really confusing trying to find one that works for you. So how do you know if you should follow one of these diets, or join a group either in person or online.

After all its quite likely that at some point you'll be parting with some cash and you want to know if its really going to work!

Lets take a look at some of the most common diet Myths first

Don't Eat After 8PM - eating earlier in the day means food is burned up as you are moving around more. REALITY: Your body will digest and use calories in the same way no matter the time of day. The likelihood is that the snacks you chose late at night are often less healthy. Try an apple with a Nut butter dip instead.

Drastically Cutting Calories - eat less weight less. REALITY: Yes in the short term existing of less calories will result in weight loss, but studies show that most often these dieters re gained the weight they lost. Choose to reduce your calories by a minimal amount and stick to it as a way of life, add in some exercise and you will lose gradual weight and keep it off.

Diet Food Helps Weight Loss - Low Fat, prepackaged food is easier. REALITY: Low Fat doesn't always mean lower calories. You might be eating more of the so called low fat products than you would of the original full fat product! Think about what you are buying, is the nutritional label better then the label of the non low fat product?

Eating FAT makes you FAT - Avoid FAT to lose weight. REALITY: There are different types of fat and choosing the right ones in small amounts is good for the body. Think oily fish, nuts and avocados. But adding a little olive oil to your veggies means they taste better!

Check out these links for more details

What should we do to lose weight be it for medical reasons or simply because we want to look and feel healthier?

Think about the diet you are choosing - if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Who is selling it? Are they selling a product? Is there extensive research to back up the claims?

Overall its been known for a long time the best way to look and feel healthier is to eat simple fresh food and to exercise each week. That's it, its not complicated, however having the motivation to change your way if life and stick to it can be difficult.

1.) Choose to cook from scratch instead of food from a packet which is processed and full of hidden sugars and preservatives. Check out my top tips on cooking fresh every time or Cook Once Eat Twice

2.) Find a way to incorporate some form of movement into your days even if its a walk around the block in the morning and at night (look out for the next series of blogs all about Exercise coming up in September)

3.) Avoid sugary snacks and drinks as a main food source. Its perfectly fine to have sweet treats on occasion but adding them in as a staple food group won't help you look and feel fabulous!

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