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Why should I do a 24 hour fast?

One of the things I would really like to do this year is introduce a Fast day at regular intervals, once a week or twice a month.

Why would I do this?

Well there are lots of good reasons, but first I want to explain what a Fast actually is.

Put simply its a Food Free Interval. It's eating at a pre defined time.

What it isn't is a quick weight loss fix, nor just skipping a meal the odd day.

Nor should it be undertaken lightly. The reasons I want to fast are because there are some really good benefits.

  • Such as helping to develop better lifelong eating habits - a better relationship with food
  • It's also really quite empowering - allowing us to become more aware and grateful
  • It's totally Free - no need to buy any shakes or potions to help you fast.
  • It can be a powerful mindful eating tool allowing you to listen to your body and its needs more accurately. If you can go a day without eating for a fast then you can go without that mid day snack right?

A Fast is not a way to lose weight, its a way to reset your body and allow it to rest.

When you go to sleep each night your body repairs itself, a fast allows your gut to slow down and helps remove the unwanted toxins and regulate the functioning of other organs of the body like liver, kidneys and other parts.
It also allows any fat stores to be used up as your body goes into a Fasted state. Intermittent fasting allows the body to use fat as it’s primary source of energy instead of sugar.

I know I will be hungry when I decide to Fast - the brain tells your body to eat periodically throughout the day. But you can overcome this by convincing your brain that you will eat, but just at a particular time.

If like me you have ticked all the boxes on why you want to Fast then its really a very simple process.

You won't go a full day without eating on a 24 hour fast. You can begin your fast as soon as you finish a meal.

The best plan is to see how you can fit a fast into your day and family life. For me I will likely eat a good wholesome breakfast and then just drink water or herbal tea until the same time the following day.
Don't despair you could also drink black coffee, or tea without milk which will still keep your body in a Fasted state.

But fasting means that nothing else should be consumed - no food, diet food, snacks or drinks other than those mentioned.

So How will I succeed in my Fast?

I have to make sure I plan it in. Its not ideal to be taking a stroll around the supermarket the day you decide to Fast.
I will also make sure the day I choose coincides with the least amount of family meals I have to prepare.

So I will make a big stew or casserole the day before that the family can tuck into when I'm not there!
I know I will do this because I have already set my intention to do it. As long as I convince my brain I will be eating again pretty soon my hunger gremlin will stay at bay. And I can drink as much water and herbal tea as I need.

Fasting is a safe break from regular eating, almost anyone can do a 24 hour fast. However there are some exceptions, Diabetics for example should not fast but always consult your Dr if you are unsure.

Have you ever considered a 24 hour Fast? What are your experiences - good and not so good? As ever I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and press the life out of those social media sharing buttons!

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