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Dietary fat: is it good or bad? Both. You see, not all fats are created equal.

One of the things I would really like to do this year is introduce a Fast day at regular intervals, once a week or twice a month.

Do you KNOW the right / best / simple things to do, yet just don't seem to have the oomph to get up and go ? I totally know what that feels like ! After having lunch with a good friend today who was telling me about her own de motivational spiral, added to my own troubles of getting back on the exercise waggon I thought I'd explore with you what the heck is going on!

All of my clients bring this one topic up everytime... what can we do to stop feeling so tired all the time?

So you are the most organised and focused person at work, yet when it comes to home life you can be the least motivated or interested right? Read on for some great tips on how to stay focused even at home.

I wonder how many of us recognise when we are surrounded by too much negativity and the effect it has on our wellbeing. Find out how I manage my negativity overwhelm and how I can help you identify yours.

Which camp are you in Love Fish or Hate Fish? Here's why you should at least try to love it.

I reckon I am THE best procratinator... I will even do the ironing instead of finishing a project that isn't enthusing me.... read on to find out how I am learning to manage my life without it !

It's the end of the school holidays and its such a relief to me. As a work from home mum and my first summer as self employed its been a real challenge keeping myself on track with the right nutrition....

When well meaning people of an older generation ask me what I do all day as 'working from home' seems to have preconceived ideas of not doing much of anything, I explain my work as a Health Coach and I get a look of surprise and then confusion, read on to find out what I do for a living...

We have all been there haven't we, trying to make a conscious effort to eat really healthily but you get invited out for dinner... and especially in the festive months.. all those chocolates and mince pies... here are my Top 10 Hints on how to eat great food and not fall into the guilt trap.

Lets start 2017 with a positive mindset. Get rid of those scales! Do you weigh yourself everyday? Are you dissapointed when the number stays the same or even goes up? Are you determined to loose weight in 2017? Read on to find out just how to stay motivated and on track...

Are you always getting knocked off your feet with a cold or worse Flu in winter? Do you want an alternative way of staying well in the colder months? Read on to get some top tips on staying well & warm

How to maximise your cooking and ensure you have plenty of time to relax and have fun

Ever get half way through a plate of food and think you are too full to carry on... but do anyway? Read my guide on how to control your portions!

Why cooking great healthy meals from scratch isn't as difficult as you'd think plus the best store cupboard staples...

A quick run through of the most commonly asked questions and my answers as a Motivational Health Coach

Have you bought or borrowed a self help book? Do you read it with such good intentions only to forget what you learnt the next day? You are not alone, here's how to get the most out of the stack of books you bought.

I often tell my clients they may need to look at what else is going on in their lives in order to lose weight. As a holistic health coach I help clients balance everything in their lives and not just nutrition

A unique 6 week motivational coaching program designed around you to help you lose weight, feel great, feel energised, learn to love yourself and much more

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on using food to prevent and treat disease. In this blog I will look at how this works and which foods are the best for certain healing.

A little insight into the world of a Health Coach plus what's going on for me right now.

GUTS... it's all people seem to be talking about in the wellness world. I'm sharing my own Gut story and delving into why keeping the Gut happy equals a happy you.

Grab yourself some freebies here... great little How to Guides to download and keep on hand when you need that extra boost.

To Diet or Not to Diet that is the question everyone is asking these days! Let's take a look at the facts and the myths and figure out what we should be doing.

Do you feel like you could do with having a chat about weight loss, motivation or just time to figure out what the heck is getting in your way of living a fabulous life?

I don't have time to cook tasty healthy meals! it's easier to just get a takeaway. I have a family it takes too long to cook from scratch every day for everyone... sound familiar?

It's readily available, it's easy to buy, it's cheap and cheerful and you can't get enough of it, but what is Junk Food really doing to your body?

Bio-individuality - We are all so very unique why shouldn't your health and nutrition be unique too? A look at why one diet does not fit all.

Part 2 in the Health Series is all about Exercise, this week I look at why we need to do it, the different types of exercise, ways to get moving and simple activities to try.

If you feel sad in winter, fed up with the cold and dark days then I might have some answers for you.

How critical are you to yourself? Do you speak harshly to yourself often? Why do we do this to ourselves yet not to our friends?

Everyone’s different and, just like we wouldn’t all fit in the same pair of jeans, it makes sense that we all need different diets.

Trans, Saturated, Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, Polys, Monos. So many fats to keep track of!

Yoga is an extremely popular activity for many people, and there is so much that it can do for you, from good posture to supporting weight loss

Even if we feel healthy it’s easy to eat one too many ice-creams or drink too much in the beer garden. To prevent summer being an unhealthy time for you, here are some seasonal-based tips for the two main things when it comes to health: food and exercise!

Think cosy, warm and delicious. I have chosen 5 easy to make healthy and hearty winter inspired recipes for you to try.

I am back on the Caffeine detox! Read about my latest battle with should I drink coffee or not!

My love-hate relationship with Social Media. How it might be affecting my life and how I have overcome the stress factor.

In this post, I explore who needs to take Vitamin supplements, whether they really work and what to take instead. Watch out for more in the Nutrition Series coming in 2019!

The struggle to live a healthier life is real, for all of us! Find out my secret to finding some balance and living a healthier life.

Do you hate the way you look? Do you compare yourself to others? Have you spent years striving for the perfect body image? Are you feeling miserable about it?

Want to make a start for a new healthy you?

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