How to manage Procrastination….oh look a new book to read!


Let me begin by defining that word…

pro·cras·ti·na·tion (noun) (procrastination)

the action of delaying or postponing something.

I might appear all organized and focused on the outside but blimey I am so good at postponing things. I should be writing my content for a new online course, but I can’t find the right motivation to start it!

The thing is when something isn’t quite singing to me I will find a whole host of jobs to do rather than finish that project. Classic procrastination. Don’t get me wrong it’s not because I don’t like my subject. It’s just something isn’t quite right with it and I need to put my finger on just what that is. Many might say the only way to do that is to just get blooming well stuck in, right?


Yes… but sometimes a whole load of overwhelm sets in… and then the mind monkey starts in my head… ”but you aren’t good enough to write an amazing online wellness course”… ”no one will buy in anyhow”… and a zillion other creative zapping thoughts filter through.

SO, how on earth do I get over this period and start plugging into the work to get the results?

One of the best things I do is listen to my inner voice. Not the mind monkey… that one gets silenced pretty quickly. I listen to my instinct. My inner core that guides me to do the right thing at the right time. Often I take solace in quiet time and order my thoughts. Put things on my internal to-do list and work through them gently.

The other thing I do is listen to my various coaches, take heart from their infinite wisdom, and do the things they recommend. The best thing recently has been to shorten my To-Do List. I pick one project that I want to complete and set about breaking it down into little tasks. This way I don’t get overwhelmed with ”too much stuff to do” and feel good about completing each task properly.

Taking on too many things at once means I achieve nothing of importance and serves to allow feelings of unworthiness to creep in.

I have been using a Timer App. There are loads of them to choose from online. They allow you to focus on one task at a time for a specific period. The Pomodoro technique is where I started but you can always use the kitchen timer or the stopwatch on your phone. It’s a brilliant way to focus and achieve smaller tasks… like writing this article now!


Sometimes it’s great to change the space you are working in if you can. I find that dropping into a local cafe allows me to achieve lots of scheduling work and observe local life. Working with clients feels natural from my office space. But often, my creative work flows when I am relaxed on the sofa with a good cup of tea at my side.

Try to avoid the things that distract you. One of the things I love is colouring. But seeing the book and pens tempts me to sit in peace and get lost in my thoughts too often. So, I put them away and when I have finished my task I get to take them out and spend a few minutes in bliss.

Avoiding procrastination

Find people who inspire you to get moving on your ”thing”. I have several friends who work for themselves so we get to share tips and hints on how to stay motivated and avoid procrastination. I’m also part of some awesome groups online where we hold each other accountable in a safe and kind space.

When I am really in the deep grip of a distraction though sometimes I have to just have a word with myself. A little tough love and a stern word can bring about a dramatic shift. Suddenly I find I am finishing up my project and have plenty of time to do what I want!!

Do you have any great tips on how to manage procrastination and distraction from achieving the things you need to do?

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