All you need to know about staying focused at home


I had a conversation with a friend about motivation and planing and staying focused. Particularly when it comes to things like eating well and exercising.

I suggested she should plan in her exercise training at home with a reminder on her phone. That way she could stay focused and achieve the goals she had set for herself. Her reply? ”Yes but I do all of that at work I don’t want to do it at home as well…”

Here’s the thing and you ain’t going to like it. THE only way to achieve the goals you have set for yourself is to put the planning in, at home as WELL as at work.

I know, I hear you… *deep sighs* “do I have to?”

YES. Trust me on this! I am in the middle of habit-forming this very thing because it’s not always easy for most of us. Staying focused on something that you may not really love is super difficult!

Being at home is different from being at work – home is a space to relax and unwind. A place to share with family and friends in a nonurgent and unplanned way.


If you really want to achieve those goals you have set yourself. Be it weight loss. body-toning, healthy eating, meditation practice, or finding your dream home then try these tips based on the methods highly successful people use each day.

Habits of successful people:

Wake Up Early: I know we all need sleep but by waking up early you gain crucial extra hours where you can easily fit in that ME time. Do the things you want to rather than have to. Read a book, meditate, do your exercise. Highly successful people realize that their priorities need to come first. They don’t check their media as soon as they open their eyes. They spend time doing the things that motivate them.

Start with Exercise: Getting your body moving first thing helps with clear thinking, makes you feel happy, and helps combat stress. As well as being brilliant for your health. It doesn’t have to be full-on cardio just a gentle! A walk around the block or yoga is enough to kick start your day

Power storm: Staying motivated is not automatic, We often need help and guidance to remain focused. Spend time each day listening to motivational speakers or read your favorite affirmations aloud.

Build your attitude to gratitude: Being thankful for the things we have is a powerful message to give ourselves. How about, each day write down at least one thing you are grateful for. Then reflect on how that makes you feel throughout the day.

Get Visual: Studies show that taking a few minutes to picture how your day is going to turn out and thinking positively can improve your mood and clarity. For the whole day!

Stay with me…

Eat Breakfast: A good bowl of oats or scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast with the family is a fab way to start your motivated day. Putting fuel in your body will keep you focused and steady all day.

The Big One: That big task you know needs doing… do it first. Getting the most difficult thing over and done with will leave you feeling relieved and ready to focus on all the other things you need to do to work towards your goal.

Find your tribe: Surround yourself with like-minded people. Those who support you, inspire you and most of all motivate you. Let go of anyone or anything that brings you down or causes you to feel bad.

SSShhhh: Spend some time in silence. Maybe watch a sunrise, listen to birds, and be still. Cherish the quiet, be alone with your thoughts and breath.

It’s up to you: Remember the only person responsible for your success is YOU.

focused goals

The ultimate key to making sure this can happen is scheduling. Put everything down on paper, in your diary, or on your electronic device. The more you have set up on reminder the more likely you are to go through with it.

It takes courage and determination to change the habits of a lifetime but it’s possible if you really want to reach that goal.

Ask your family and friends to support you. If you have understanding from those around you it’s more likely you will stick to your plans.

This is not work… this is your future. Plan it, schedule it, DO IT.!

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