How to make better life choices every day!


How often do you decide to do something, say, eat junk food and then feel really bad about it? As though you know you could have made different choices but you went ahead and ate that thing anyway!

Or maybe you opened a bottle of wine intending to have just one glass and before you know it the bottle is almost empty! How do these kinds of choices make you feel?


Guilt and shame

I know when I make choices based on poor habits rather than mindful judgement I can spend hours even days telling myself I’m a failure, how I’ll never lose weight, how I’m not good enough. You know this script too! I feel guilt and shame in equal measures. Often, this leads to self sabotage and more poor choices.

So, lets look at the opposite to this. Think back to when you made a positive choice about something. How did you feel?

Recently I have decided to give myself time to journal and plan my days and use a specific way of block timing to get tasks done. Being able to complete tasks and tick things off a list leaves me feeling much happier. I find myself doing happy dances, even smiling to myself.


How to make positive choices every day

How can we strive to get better at decision making then? It can’t be that simple otherwise wouldn’t we all be living amazing lives?

Some of the work I have been doing with myself has focused around concious and mindful choice. Rather than just doing the same things day in, day out, grabbing snacks or watching Netflix box sets, I have been asking myself “Is this really what I want to do?”

If not, I think about what I want to do instead, for example, Do I want to eat cereal and toast for breakfast or do I want to have scrambled eggs with avocado instead? Do I really want to sit here for another episode or can I just finish clearing the kitchen. How I feel plays a big part because I don’t like feeling guilt and shame I want to be free of them.


Aware and kind

We can all be more aware and kind in our thought process. The trick is to catch yourself in your decision making. Pause, take a moment to think it through and then make your choice. What choice is going to leave you feeling good?

Creating a more loving way to make choices about anything in life will take practice. Start with the one thing you really want to change and give yourself time to work on it. Trying to change everything at once will create overwhelm and you will want to give up.

I have some tools to help me with making healthier choices, there are loads of apps that help. From food diaries to daily gratitude logs. I also have paper journals and planners. I like both, apps are handy and all in one place, but the act of writing something out feels more positive.

Live a charmed life

One thing that has always helped me make better choices is what I learned as living a charmed life. Use your nicest glasses and crockery to eat and drink from. Wear your nice clothes every day. Take time to do your hair and put make up on. I always feel more productive when I make an effort in the morning. I also have a particular bowl that I love to have salad in, just using that bowl means I make better choices with food.

So, shall we live a charmed life? Light the expensive candle, wear a dress to go to the supermarket. Buy a gorgeous journal to write in. These positive shifts are often small but can have the biggest impact.! Grab the 20 ways to live a charmed life PDF below!

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