Why you need to get better at practising self care!

Self Care

Self Care is a word that is brandished by all the best health guru’s! It’s a favourite topic of wellness warriors around the world.

But do you actually take any notice and practice self care? I am guessing probably not and if you do, it is a half hearted attempt of 10 mins in a bath before someone in the house needs you for something. Then, you drag your weary body out of the comforting water and trudge back to reality and stress.

The thing is we really need to get better at it, for everyone’s sake. When practised properly, consistently and whole heartedly then self care is one of the best health exercises you can do for yourself. Self care is taking time out of a busy day to focus on yourself in a gentle and loving way. To care for yourself.

self care

Ways Self Care Helps Health

  • A chance to stop; stop what you are doing, stop multi tasking, stop stressing, stop worrying, stop and breathe.
  • It allows time to focus on yourself and figure out what your mind and body needs to feel well.
  • Takes you away from the multitude of things to do for a short while so you can recharge.
  • It helps you become kinder to yourself even for a few moments.
  • The happier you are, the more rested you are they easier it is to exist in a world of stress.
  • Your family and friends will benefit from a happier you!

How should we practice self care?

Honestly? This is something you need to figure out yourself, simply because we are all unique. We like different things and we find pleasure from various places. So, for example I like guided meditations, especially ones that allow me to picture restful places or imagine meeting spirit guides. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it helps me feel rested and grounded.

A fellow wellness guide loves being in nature, among the trees and by the water. It allows her to feel calm. So, you see practising self care maybe shouldn’t be about ticking of a list of activities each week, but perhaps be more about achieving certain feelings or state of mind.

self care

Allow yourself time to experience the feelings

Here is a list of activities for self care, but also the feelings you can experience and benefit from practising them:

  • Take an aromatherapy bath: You can chose oils or bath bombs to help lift your mood, relax you before bed or indulge in luxury. Take time to breathe in the scent, and rest your eyes. Light some candles and feel as though you are indulging yourself. Make sure you don’t get disturbed to appreciate the calming effect a warm bath can have.
  • Sit down with a cup of something: Be it herbal tea or coffee: sometimes we are living such a busy chaotic life, learning how to just sit down and be still can help realign your thoughts and get clear on what to do next.
  • Find a good sleep routine: Getting a good nights rest is vital for our health but often we overlook building a self care habit around it. Take a warm bath or shower. Try lavender oil or restful pillow sprays. Keep the room cool and free from tv’s or gadgets. The benefits from a sleep routine are incredible, you will feel restful, peaceful and calm.
  • Take a walk in nature: Being outside in the fresh air is healthy and nature can really help to ground us. Notice of the sounds you hear, the birds and bees. Take time to notice the flowers and trees, their colours and smells. Senses are activated while out in nature leaving you revitalised and fresh.
  • Read a book: When we can feel so much pressure from the world we live in, escaping to another place can help us feel less stressed. Pick up a book and immerse yourself in another place. Following the story can help take your mind of worries or anxiety and allow you to feel calmer.

Can you build a sustainable self care routine?

There are so many other self care activities. Meditation, spa days, massage, walking, seeing friends, watching a movie. Remember to find the thing that really brings you back to yourself, to feelings of comfort, happiness and calmness. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something you can practice weekly. At the very least so you can keep on top of these good feelings and avoid life overwhelm!

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