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Looking at all areas of your life is essential to living a healthy, nutritious life. Try the Circle of Life Test to find out where you might be a little unbalanced!

When my clients first start to work with me its often for weight loss. The first few sessions are usually focused around adding in lots of colorful veggies. Plus make sure they are eating enough whole foods. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of sugary, processed foods they eat.

Inevitably, we look at how much exercise or movement they are getting. Again its widely known that eating nutritious whole food and getting plenty of exercise is a sure-fire way of losing weight.

Using just this method my clients do see results.

Yet there is a point in a lot of our sessions where they reach a plateau. Or some self-sabotage begins. Do you know the one? Where you have been eating great for a few weeks, putting in loads of exercise and one day someone in the office brings a gorgeous cake in. It’s too much, you can’t resist, and you have a slice. Maybe you go home and as you’ve already gone a little off track you decide to treat yourself to a couple of biscuits. Before you know it you feel like you are never going to reach that goal and feelings of guilt appear.

circle of life

The thing is losing weight really isn’t just about food and exercise.

There is so much more going on in all of our lives that can cause all manner of bumps in the road.

Hands up! Who has had a really rubbish day at work. Or is in a job that really isn’t working for you anymore. Or has colleagues or customers who constantly push those buttons and drive you crazy with frustration or even worse stress?

Studies show that stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Stress that’s is left to build up can contribute to lots of health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

circle of life

Stress can lead to comfort eating. When you feel down your body wants to be comforted and quite often we look for that comfort in quick to access sugary snacks like chocolate or cakes.

Stress can lead to feelings of despair or sadness, this can make planning meals and preparing great food in advance really difficult. I mean who can be bothered when you hate your job?

circle of lofe

There are so many other areas of our lives that can create imbalance – if just one of those is out of line, makes you unhappy, frustrated, stressed then it causes a ripple effect into other areas, soon more things aren’t going right, you feel worse, you gain weight, you lose sleep… and so it goes on.

My work as a coach means I help clients work out where they are out of balance in all aspects of their lives and one by one we break them down into manageable chunks and work through them.

The results are amazing when you see exactly what is making you miserable!

Why not take a look at where your life is out of balance… grab a free circle of life chart here. See if you can pinpoint which area of your life you can work on now.

Don’t forget my consultations are totally free. Its a really informal chat. Why not book now and we can discuss your circle of life results.

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