Signs you may have poor Gut Health and what you can do about it.

My world has been consumed with learning more about gut health recently, simply because I have been experiencing some rather uncomfortable issues of my own. I will spare you the details but needless to say, I have embarked upon a gut healing journey and I am hoping to be feeling much healthier by the end of summer!

Let’s start by looking at what all this talk about Gut Health really means as it has been talked about quite a lot in the wellness industry from Dr’s to media sensations.

Gut health

Some science

It’s said that our digestive tract plays a really crucial part in maintaining a healthy balance between body and mind. The gut holds about 60- 80% of our auto immune system. If the gut health is unbalanced it is said to be linked to issues such as autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, eczema, and many other chronic conditions.

So how can we tell if there may be some unhealthy issues in our gut?

For instance, my main problems include bloating immediately after I have eaten almost anything + a very altered bowel state… I know we don’t want to talk about bowel movements but trust me they are a really good sign if something isn’t quite right inside!

Gut Health

Signs you may have an unhealthy gut:

  • Gas / Bloating / Diarrhea / Constipation
  • Food allergies or sensitivities
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings irritability
  • Skin issues – eczema/rosacea
  • B12 deficiency
  • Autoimmune disease – fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue syndrome/diabetes
  • Frequent Infections
  • Poor memory or concentration

I could tick around 4 off that list which was a sure sign that something wasn’t right however, I made sure I took a trip to see my Dr and we agreed to look into it to rule out any other causes, but I also needed to look into my daily nutrition.

The last two years have been very changeable with a lot of things happening in and around my home life. This has all taken its toll and has led to me not paying too much attention to looking after myself as much as I should.

Incidentally, life can throw us some massive curve balls and we might not always be able to handle them. I am glad to say things are on a much more even keel for me now and I have started a focused change to my nutritional habits.

It’s not easy to make changes to your diet when you have a family, I have struggled with trying to please everyone else but neglected to make any real choices for myself because I just didn’t want to cook several different meals every day!

That said I have had to put myself first in order to feel well again and rid myself of the discomfort. And actually getting the family on board can be a really big help if they realise this can benefit everyone too.

What I have found really useful is concentrating on what isn’t working for me and taking them out, like gluten, dairy or sugar.

Then adding in a whole heap of good stuff!

I am aiming to eat at least 10 – 15 portions of fruit and veg every day. I am drinking plenty of water and herbal teas.

And I have upped my supplements each day adding in L-Glutamine to heal my digestive tract and milk thistle to cleanse my liver.

There are lots of things you can do if you think you might need to up that good healthy gut bacteria:

  • Take a good probiotic – I take Acidophilus every day.
  • Avoid overusing antibiotics.
  • Try and add in some fermented foods like sauerkraut/kimchi/yogurt/kefir.
  • Eat less refined sugar.
  • Take steps to reduce stress.

I am still on my journey and I am clear that it is going to take a few months to start to get into some great healthy habits. I know I may slip now and then but I have a great support system in place with family and friends to help me along. And writing this, sharing my experience is keeping me accountable so I can update you all along the way!

If you think you might be suffering from poor gut health, firstly go and see the Dr, but sometimes making a change to just one or two things like reducing sugar and lowering stress can make a difference.

If you feel like you might need an hour to talk about your health and well-being then why not book in for a chat with me – you never know how much it could help.

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