Is Social Media Ruining My Life?

I often wonder if social media has changed my life the immediate answer is YES of course it has.

Like you, I have spent the last several years, scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, commenting, tweeting, liking, sharing and on and on and on it goes the endless world of social media!

Who doesn’t get tired fingers and thumbs these days?

Social Media is a place for instant responses, instant replies, instant gratification, instant access to everything you could possibly need.

If I ask people how they feel about social media, most tell me they love it, how they are always ‘checking in’ or following the latest celebrity for inspiration.

Social media

But I wonder if all of this love is genuine?

Do we really love seeing all the negative comments on Twitter? Or that latest issue being ranted about on Facebook? Do we need to see depressing news headlines 10 times a day pinging through the phone?

And all of that perfection!  Perfect bodies, faces, clothes, makeup, hair!

Really? Or is it the stuff of Photoshop?

Social Media is leading to feelings of inadequacy because we are trying to be perfect all the time! Trying to live up to these supposed expectations of perfect living.

But the reality is we are all different; we all look and behave differently.  It’s near on impossible to sustain a level of perfection all of the time and it’s causing some real body confidence issues. Especially in young women.

social media

As a woman in business, I have really struggled with using Social Media for marketing. I have had days where I see posts from people and wonder why I’m not as good as them!

Keeping on top of comments, liking and sharing in order to grow my business can be exhausting! I often feel like I should be available for my audience so I don’t miss an opportunity or the chance to connect to someone who might be important for the growth of my practice.

If I do this though, I am missing out on time with my husband and daughter.  I feel like I am constantly working and there is no downtime away from this enormous world in a tiny screen!

So what are we to do if we want to embrace this technological age but stay healthy and well?

Limit Social Media Time. Set boundaries for when you will check your news feeds, make sure it’s not as soon as you wake – take some time to stretch, wake up and prepare for the day. Try not to check your phone constantly. Put it away in your bag, glove box, desk drawer and check it at lunch or when you get home.

Switch off at least an hour before bedtime, let your body relax and wind down and get ready for a good night’s rest.

Try not to let it interfere with physical social time. If you are with friends and family pay attention to what is going on around you, put the phone away and join in conversations.

Accept that a lot of the things posted on Social Media are totally unrealistic. Be comfortable in your own skin and true to yourself. Try not to compare yourself to something or someone that is unrealistic or ‘too good to be true’’

If like me you are reliant on Social Media Marketing, set specific times in the day or week to spend on content, and when you will reply to messages. Schedule content for a week or a month ahead, use the tools you have available as there are so many! And plan! Everything, all the time!

Remember to talk to people, spend time with loved ones and be aware of what is going on around you before you realise you have missed out on what’s really important to you.

We are only here for such a short time; it would be great if we could truly live in the moment, authentically and with love.

Spend some time thinking about what you might be missing out on if you feel you are maybe too attached to your phone. Can you let go of that gadget may be for 10 minutes or an hour and talk to someone next to you instead?

Go check out the blog pages there might be some useful stuff in there that helps answer some of your health life questions!

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