Do Vitamin Supplements even work?

This year I’m going to be writing about all the aspects that make up a healthy, balanced life starting with Nutrition.  Please come along with me on this journey as I explore some of the concepts I use in my coaching practice. Let’s look at Vitamin Supplements, a topic that comes up a lot in conversation with friends and family as well as clients.

Should we be taking vitamin supplements and do they even work?

Personally, I am a fan of vitamin supplements. I think they have a valid
place in our cupboards and if used properly then I think they can add real
value to our health and wellbeing.

Certainly for me as I head towards the age of 50 I am more aware of the
changes in my body and I have found that certain supplements can help with my general wellbeing.

Do we all need them?

Well its a personal choice. If you can honestly say you are eating at least
90% home-cooked food that is varied and high in fruits and vegetables with just
the right proportion of protein and carbohydrates and you are physically active
then perhaps you don’t need to take them.

Sadly I know a great many people don’t eat as healthily as they could and
may not be able to be as physically active as they would like.

vitamin supplements

If you feel you aren’t in tip-top condition just now, perhaps
you may be feeling really tired or moody and sensitive? Perhaps you have some
aches and pains that aren’t serious but come and go and stop you from feeling
100%. Getting motivated might be a struggle too.

What should we do?

I always advise clients to look at their diet first, can you add in some
more vegetables to at least one meal a day. Think leafy greens and vary the
choice throughout the week.  Build up a good habit for this one meal a
day, when that feels natural keep adding the variety into more meals a day!

Vitamins and minerals can be found in all-natural foods, keeping a full and
varied meal plan is key. Think good organic chicken for niacin, selenium and
protein, oily fish for the essential fatty acids and Omega’s, all kinds of
fruit for the B vitamins!

Sometimes even with a great diet, our bodies need a bit of a boost and this is when I think supplements are great.

If you are aging – and we all do, then a really good B Vitamin complex is
worth investing in and taking regularly. As we age we lose our ability to
absorb vitamin B12 diminishes, adding it back in will help lessen fatigue.

If you have been poorly or are having to take medication then adding in some
good all-round supplements C, B6, and E, can help build your immune system back

I have found taking Magnesium every night has helped immensely with my sleep
and reduced my headaches. and I have found a good Well Woman vitamin to help
with my hormone health as I creep towards the menopause.

vitamin supplements


There is so much information on the internet now that if you
look up whether vitamin supplements work or not you will find plenty of
articles both for and against! I haven’t done any clinical trials to find out,
but I have listened to my clients and friends and family.

My husband has been taking a B supplement and a Men’s Health vitamin complex
every day for the last 6 months. At his last blood check his consultant was
pleased with his Iron level as it has risen significantly compared to when he
wasn’t taking anything.

A friend told me recently that she could tell there was a huge change in her
wellbeing when she had a good regime of taking a series of good supplements.
When she stopped, her health suffered again.

Are Vitamin Supplements expensive?

Buying good quality can be costly but sometimes it really is
worth investing in your health. Start with a really good multivitamin and see
how you get on! And don’t forget to look at what you are eating too. Your diet
really does have an impact on your health!

Please do consult your Dr if you are worried about your health and if you want to take supplements but want clinical advice.