Body Image – Body Shame

body image
Do we strive for perfection?

Do you hate the way you look? Maybe you compare yourself to others? Have you spent years striving for the perfect body image? Are you feeling miserable about it? Do you have Body Shame?

You are not alone. 93% of women are said to feel body shame and incidentally, 83% of men do too!

What is this body shame then?

So, hands up time… have you ever thought to yourself

” I hate the way I look”

“I don’t like my butt…thighs…belly…arms…”

“Why can’t I look like (insert revered model)

Nearly ALL of us feel rubbish about our body image!

HOW is that possible – when most of us think we are alone in this struggle!

I don’t know if I have any friends who aren’t constantly struggling with this problem.

So that’s nearly everyone?

All of my clients will arrive at a body image issue at some stage in their sessions if it isn’t the most immediate problem.

And where in the heck does it come from?

Why are we so obsessed with the way we look to others?

Because that’s is right? It’s about how others look at us or maybe how others say things about us or even to us?

body image
Sir Peter Paul Rubens Hélène inspired the voluptuous figures in many of his paintings from the 1630s

I know many will say, I want to look and feel great for me… but do they really? Why then do we want to look like some amazing model portrayed as young, toned and tanned in the magazines? Is it a realistic expectation or just a hopeful dream?

But I think most of us find it hard to reconcile with the way WE look to the way EVERYONE else looks. It’s time we tried harder to support each other.

The media has such a lot to answer for when it comes to role models for us. I realise that the industry is moving towards a better standard, using plus-size models and older models but is it too late?

How do we educate each other and our youngsters that loving yourself completely is better than torturing yourself over an often unobtainable image?

body image

How do we change attitudes to Body Image & Body Shame?

I have been watching a recent TV show about make up artists with my daughter, which is quite entertaining as well as informative, but my main takeaway from it is that models PRE make up look like us. They look normal, but vast amounts of makeup can really transform a face.

My daughter understands this, and we have talked about how photoshopped pictures distort reality.

There is also another show on at the moment too which explores the naked body in ALL shapes and sizes. The main concept is that everyday people who have real issues with their body image spend time with hosts (naked) who help them slowly move from body hate to body love.

I LOVE IT… it’s so rewarding to see people stop hating on themselves and loving themselves.

I have an ongoing battle with my own body issues. I don’t hate myself, yet I am not fully loving myself. But I am working on it and trying to figure out where the stories have come from – its tough work but I am determined to get there.

I would love to know if you have struggled with body image/ body shame issues.

Have you had cruel remarks that have left you upset?

Have you faced the mirror and cried at how you look?

Do you feel like you need to change for you or to please someone else?

Let’s talk about this! Body image is important.

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